Environmental Research and Monitoring

According to figures from the American Geophysical Union, every year, industry, agriculture, urbanisation and mining destroy over 26 billion trees. Monitoring and managing the impact of these anthropological activities has never been more important. Here at GnoTech, protecting the environment we live in is very important to us and we intend to do our best as responsible citizens of the world to help Governments and private agencies interested in the environment.

One such phenomenon that has plagued the ghanaian community is illegal mining, popularly known as galampsey. Galampsey activities have greatly destroyed much topographical resources in the communities that are affected by it. Polluting water bodies, poisoning farmlands and claiming innocent lives are but a few of the negative impacts this illegal minig s having on Ghanaian communities. In order to help mitigate this phenomenon, GnoTech offers drone surveillance and mapping services that will empower governments, NGOs, and intrested agencies with data to assist the formation of policies and adoption of strategies.

drone service

Our environmental research and mapping services can also assist companies intrested in monitoring;