Location Intelligence in Construction

Tyler Riddel of eSUB Construction Software in a post claimed that, "The construction industry has been on the rise for the past few years and is expected to continue to grow. Despite this growth, 70% of contractors say that they are having a difficult time finding qualified workers or professionals to fill these growing positions."
In the wake of these difficulties, GnoTech rises to the challenge to offer a range of constructions services that will impact the construction and real estate industries through Location Intelligence Technologies like mapping, drone inspection and aerial photography. Our services are tailored to lower upfront costs, yet offering you the control and flexibility over your projects.

GnoTech offers drone surveys and data collation services that will give construction companies an urge right from the planning table. We build models with data that are ever useful in client briefings, providing an early indication of what finished projects will look like and informing designs with real-world data on site conditions. This wealth of data means it's easy to iterate designs in response to conditions. Beyond planning, We produce maps and offer drone inspection services that can be shared between project participants to ensure schemes stay on track and any problems that arise are dealt with as soon as they become known. Regular updates also improve site planning and quality control – allowing our clients to keep a closer eye on logistics, asset management and areas of potential risks onsite.

Spatially-generated data create meaningful insight for facilities management by providing intel no as-built conditions. On project completion, finished models, photos and videos help patrons and stakeholders to visualize the lifestyle associated with a given area. The data also allows stakeholders and potential buyers of properties to compare a single location to the surrounding areas and determine if they’re located in an area that fit their need, like a low risk for natural disasters.
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