Eye In The Sky

When Michelangelo was starting to paint unclad people, his teacher said to him, “Why are you doing this?” He replied, “I want to see man as God sees man,”

When it comes to art, perspective is everything. Some of the greatest artists have relied on how we percieve things to pull of some of the most incredible works in existence: from the trailing eyes of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa to Vincent Laforet's "AIR".
The drone, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has greatly revolutionalized the photography industry by providing a perspective that were formerly impossible to obtain without the employ of some risky and expensive techniques.

At GnoTech, we have gone beyond the simple empoyment of the drone to capture images and are applying techniques in aerial imagery in a way that is second to none in the industry. Some of our works have taken us through difficult sub saharan cities and countryside terrain, yet our resilient team of drone pilots have braved it all to produce some spectacular images that have left grins engraved in the faces of our clients. No matter the stakes involved, we at GnoTech, know-how-tech can get it done.

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