Precision Agriculture

With an ever increasing global population comes the increasing demand for agricultural produce. According to the IFC (International Finance Cooperation) Sub-Saharan Africa is ill equipped to meet its food requirements, which are set to double in the next 30 years or even sooner. This is because most crops are produced by small-sized farms with limited mechanization and capacity, leading to poor yields.
GnoTech rises to this challenge with a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of small-sized farms that cannot afford to own and run the needed technology like drones and mapping softwares that are so crucial to transforming the landscape of agriculture in the region. Our range of services include but not limited to;

Our drone mapping services will allow farmers to determine the moisture content of the soil and plan accordingly, with respect to the irrigation systems to adopt and how much water they actually need. We also enable farmers to monitor the development and progress of crops by arming them with precise data and knowldege of the health of plants, which areas need fertilizer, weedicide and pesticide application. This way farmers can reduce a great deal of the cost that goes into unnecessary application of chemicals and fertilizers. Finally, We offer Crop Yield Estimation services which will allow farmers to budget and plan for the storage, transportation and sale of their crops.
Below are some images of a sample farm that we have worked on.