About Us

Gnosis Technolgy Limited (GnoTech) is a Location Intelligence Solutions company that is focused on using geospatial knowledge and technologies like drones, to transform projects, businesses, cooperations and industries across the globe. Through the application of location intellligence, GnoTech seeks to give your business an unmatched urge in an ever increasingly competitive global economy. Location inteligence provides insights into businesses that cannot be seen any other way.
We have the right team of drone pilots, mapping and GIS service personnel to help you acquire the right data you need for your projects, as well as enriching your primary datasets with the neccessary spatial context that will allow the drawing of insights and visualizing data to answer the what, where, when and who like never before. Our emphasis on accuracy ensures that our clients are left with the answers they need to take their businesses and projects to the next level.
We seek to bring joy to our clients by providing the meaningful information they can make descisions with from all the seemingly meaningless data they may collect. Contact us today and take the first steps into an eternally excellent experience.

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